McCrory International LLC


McCrory International, LLC was founded over 25 years ago. Our primary areas of focus began with mergers and acquisitions, international financial consulting as well as corporate management advice. Today, our clients are as diverse as our experience, with customers both domestic and international. Over the years we have expanded our scope of expertise into coal, oil, and international financial instruments.

We serve both corporations and individuals seeking advice and counsel on international finance matters including:

  • International Banking MTN's  
  • Bank Guarntees
  • Energy Products
    • Coal
    • Iron Ore
    • Petro coke
    • Scrap Steel 
  • Global Reach

McCrory International, LLC has a worldwide reputation for excellence in all phases of financial and business consulting.  Our partners and business alliances broadens our already extensive expertise in all forms of financial transactions. Our network of influential contacts is truly global.

Expertise In Energy

We are exceptionally strong in the areas of energy and distribution. We have specialty contacts worldwide, most particularly in:

  • Coal
  • Iron Ore
  • Petro coke

      Scrap Steel


Financial matters

Our international currency and trading contacts cover both Europe and the United States. We specialize in Medium Term Notes MTN,Bank Guarantees BG, and bank instruments form the world’s top 25 banks.


Our main corporate location is in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. We are a multinational company with affiliated locations in London, and the UK 

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